Getting skype running on Ubuntu 64 bits :D

Extracted and updated from MacProLinux's Blog

Easy way to get Skype on your 64 bit Ubuntu:

1. Make sure you have the latest 32-bit libs

apt-get install ia32-libs

2. Download the latest static version of Skype. Right now it is:


3. Extract it with

tar -xf skype_static-

4. Move it to /usr/local

mv skype_static- /usr/local/

5. Create a symbolic link to it

ln -s /usr/local/skype_static- /usr/local/skype

6. Create another one in /usr/bin/

ln -s /usr/local/skype/skype /usr/bin/

7. Run it


If you want to add it to your internet menu:
  1. Right click on Applications->Edit Menus
  2. Select Internet and click on: Add New Item
  3. Put this into the command field: /usr/local/skype/skype

Have Fun!

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