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Changing jobs

By the end of 2010 I asked my girlfriend to marry me. She said yes and so my life started to change. Specially my perspective of life changed. I meditated a lot about my future, what I wanted to do, where I wanted my family to live and my children to grow up. I started thinking a lot about my job. And so, during the last months of 2010 and the first of 2011, I was more and more convinced that I wanted something different for my career. I was working at Artech using GeneXus for web development. GeneXus is a great tool for web developing and it uses a 4th generation language. It is declarative and focuses on the knowledge of the business and you can generate to a lot of languages like java, .net, ruby, etc. For more info: My personal problem with this tool is that I never felt completely in control. I will not discuss whether it was because of bugs in the tool or my ignorance using it. But still, I accumulated stress because things that should be easy weren't and some