Changing jobs

By the end of 2010 I asked my girlfriend to marry me. She said yes and so my life started to change. Specially my perspective of life changed. I meditated a lot about my future, what I wanted to do, where I wanted my family to live and my children to grow up. I started thinking a lot about my job. And so, during the last months of 2010 and the first of 2011, I was more and more convinced that I wanted something different for my career.

I was working at Artech using GeneXus for web development. GeneXus is a great tool for web developing and it uses a 4th generation language. It is declarative and focuses on the knowledge of the business and you can generate to a lot of languages like java, .net, ruby, etc. For more info:

My personal problem with this tool is that I never felt completely in control. I will not discuss whether it was because of bugs in the tool or my ignorance using it. But still, I accumulated stress because things that should be easy weren't and sometimes I got stuck days with UI issues. Like, why is that box not appearing the way I'm telling it to show? Or why is that rule not firing at the moment I told it to? Or why is this working in Firefox but crashes in IE? So there were increasingly more problems that made me feel like I was programming a black box and sometimes I didn't know what exactly was happening and why it was generating unexpected things. The biggest problem with this is that I like to use low level languages, languages where I'm in control and it does exactly what it is told. Where there is no specifier or generator in between that decides what I wanted to say.

This doesn't mean GeneXus isn't a great tool, if you google it you will see that there are many success stories. I think of this more like I didn't want the stress it caused me. So I concluded I wanted a job where I would use a language that gave me more control of what was happening.

A few years ago I tried Ruby on Rails and programmed a personal project and experienced a little with the framework and I liked it a lot!

During March 2011 I had a job offer from a friend who works with ruby on rails, the salary was higher and the job promising, but because of other economic problems I didn't want to switch to that place. I really had hoped it could work and was a little disappointed. But later on a friend asked me to do a project for his company and though it didn't work out, it brought me in contact with someone who worked at moove-iT ( and she said they were hiring.

So I went to the web page and was delighted they were using Ruby on Rails for web development and as a whole I liked the culture the page displayed and also some blog posts I read. Coincidentally I saw that a colleague from high school was working there so I contacted him and everything worked out. So I am at moove-iT now.

I have to say that I really enjoy working here and after a month and a half I am convinced I took the right decision.

Truth be told, Artech is an awesome company where they care about their employees, and the culture you breathe there is incredible.

At moove-iT I feel the same. My colleagues are great, care about each other, everybody is ready to help if they can. We can laugh, discuss and also disagree about things. There is always a positive something in the air. I have to say I like working here.

So, later on I will probably write more about my experience here, but there are no downsides to my previous job and there are some small details that I think are awesome: free cookies and fruit in the morning, friday's tech talk and pizzas, everyone has to write a blog post and the ping pong table!

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