The mystery of the mega-selling floppy disk

Sony has said it will stop making floppy disks, after nearly three decades of manufacture. Yet millions of them are still being bought every year. But who is actually buying them?
Stack of floppy disks (Eyewire)
That's about one snap on a brand new digital camera
The floppy disk is the very symbol of storage; when you want to save a file, you go looking for that little icon that looks like a floppy.
Every year another computer manufacturer stops putting floppy drives in its machines, or a retailer stops selling the disks. Each time the cry goes up that the death knell has been sounded for the floppy disk.
However, Verbatim, a UK manufacturer which makes more than a quarter of the floppies sold in the UK, says it sells hundreds of thousands of them a month. It sells millions more in Europe.

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