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First robot build with Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0

My first robot build with Lego Mindstorms, created with a group as an assignment of a University subject. As it is our first time it does very little, it just manages to stay in the dohjo by detecting the white line. Also if it detects an object it attempts to load it and carry it to the border to unload it. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect this objects. It has a color sensor 1 cm above the ground to detect the white line. It also has contact sensors at the back but we didn't use them, although we planned to. On the video below you can see two runs. The first time I forgot to connect the color sensor, so you can see that the robots bumps out of the dohjo. The second time the color sensor is connected. You can see the light shining on the floor on the left side of the robot. Well, hope you enjoy!

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Coming In September

There are also rumors of a 7" mini iPad . But nothing's for sure. The Tab will run on Android 2.2 and feature full Web-browsing and video calling. The short clip also implies that the Galaxy Tab will sport an HD screen for video, Flash support (something it seems the iPad will never have), support for e-books, possible GPS navigation, and PC linking. Source: PCMag

Memory leaks in C/C++

I've been programming in C/C++ lately and after hours searching for the origin of some segmentation faults and memory corruptions I started searching for a tool to track my memory usage. Meaning I wanted to know what happened with the new's and if I'm deleting everything. After a preliminary search I didn't find the right thing I was looking for, a program for linux (ubuntu) 64 bits, easy to use and for free. Nonetheless I came across an answer to a post suggesting to override the new and delete operations with ones that would allocate/free the memory but also print the number of bytes being allocated/freed to a file. I tried that but the operations are not that easy to replace, so what I did instead is the following. First I created a new file stream: std::ofstream fileMem;"mem.txt"); fileMem.close(); The open and close commands are at the start and end of the main() procedure respectively. Note that this will replace the file mem.txt eve

Mesianismo Revanchista

Ex presidente de la República Mesianismo revanchista Julio María Sanguinetti  La tan discutida ley de Caducidad fue aprobada por una amplia mayoría parlamentaria en diciembre de 1986 y, sometida a un referéndum, la ciudadanía la ratificó el 16 de abril de 1989. Veinte años más tarde, en ocasión de la elección de noviembre de 2009, se volvió a proponer su nulidad y el cuerpo electoral ratificó nuevamente la ley. O sea que no existe norma con mayor legitimidad, formal y sustancial, en la historia de nuestro derecho.  Dos pronunciamientos del cuerpo superior de la soberanía nacional, deberían cerrar definitivamente todo debate. Por esa razón, el constitucionalista más respetado del Frente Amplio, al que representó en el Senado en el período pasado, el Prof. José Korseniak, dice: "Yo enseño hace 40 años en la Facultad de Derecho que el artículo 82 de la Constitución dice que la Nación, que es la soberana, ejerce directamente su soberanía a través del cuerpo electoral