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Evolution Formula

An interesting episode explaining the evolution formula.

Ubuntu: Tired of double clicking Text Files and having to select "Display"?

This is what you have to do: Open any folder Go to Edit->Preferences Select Behavior Tab Under Executable Text Files select "View executable text files when they are opened" Finished. You will not be asked again opening text files. It will go straight to the text editor. Have fun!

Mount your windows partition at startup

If you want Ubuntu to mount your windows partition at startup, or any other I think. 1.- Open System->Preferences->Startup Applications 2.- Click Add button. 3.- Name and comment what you want, the important part is Command 4.- type gnome-mount -d 5.- Press ok, and its done. Everytime you start Ubuntu it will mount your partition automatically. should be something like this: /dev/sda# or /dev/hda# where # is a number, usually between 0..6 If you don't know which is the partition name, install gparted: sudo apt-get install gparted Then type sudo gparted in the terminal and you will see the information of all the hard disks on your computer. Also the /dev/... information you need. Note: The download is less than 1MB. Hope it helps!

Ubuntu Mount Problems

Today I installed Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope on my laptop. I grew tired mounting the ntfs partition every time I started Ubuntu. So I decided to try to make Ubuntu mount it at startup. Playing around, I came across the properties of my ntfs partition (right click on it in Places->Computer). There I saw the mounting options. I supposed that maybe Ubuntu would mount the partition automatically if I indicated the right options there. Wrong idea. No only did it not mount it at startup, but I also messed up the options so that it wouldn't mount anymore. Not even the old way (Places->"WindowsPartition"). I looked into /etc/fstab but there was no information about ntfs file system's. Strange, I thought that in that file was everything related to mounting partitions. So I started googling. Didn't find anything at start. Searching around a while I came across some good guide. But since I like to experience I just read the part that informed the problem and then wen