Mount your windows partition at startup

If you want Ubuntu to mount your windows partition at startup, or any other I think.
1.- Open System->Preferences->Startup Applications
2.- Click Add button.
3.- Name and comment what you want, the important part is Command
4.- type gnome-mount -d
5.- Press ok, and its done.

Everytime you start Ubuntu it will mount your partition automatically.
should be something like this: /dev/sda# or /dev/hda# where # is a number, usually between 0..6
If you don't know which is the partition name, install gparted:
sudo apt-get install gparted
Then type sudo gparted in the terminal and you will see the information of all the hard disks on your computer. Also the /dev/... information you need.
Note: The download is less than 1MB.
Hope it helps!

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